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Hundred House Coffee

Our story

The Hundred House was traditionally the meeting place for every hundredth of land – before the existence of shires or counties. These places, or spaces, were used by the community for everything from casual gatherings to weddings, funerals and administration.

Based within an area of deep cultural references, embedded within the farming industry, we place importance on our local role as a window to seasonal farming practices around the world. The Hundred House, traditionally a place that drew the community together, is here a symbol of a collective space, where conversation, art and industry meet, over a cup of coffee.

Our process

We work largely through direct trade wherever possible and then a close selection of green suppliers, guaranteeing the farmers a price irrespective of market fluctuations and before a harvest is complete.

They also pay the farmer before the coffee is shipped, in this way supporting the small farm holds and facilitating them to run as independent businesses. With this recognition to the farmers arises freedom and commitment to develop unique coffees of distinction and often, the funds to improve their post-harvest processes so that they live up to the quality of the cherries.

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