About us

Hey! We’re Rosanna and Diana. Together we run Piqant as a family business, one that brings independent coffee roasters and coffee-lovers closer together.

We believe in the coffee experience

There’s so much more to coffee than what’s out there on supermarket shelves. Coffee has a complexity that’s similar to wine, and we want to help people discover all that coffee has to offer.
Getting to know your tastebuds a little better makes life a lot more interesting. If you get bored quickly of your latest coffee profile, it can take hours of surfing the web to find the next best thing. Well, now Piqant does that work for you.

Find your next favourite coffee

Our app provides all the information you need to find your favourite coffee flavour. Certifications, tasting notes, origins, altitudes, processing methods and roasting levels - with filters that help narrow your search, and we offer brewing advice too.
We hope that trying new, ethically-sourced coffee will never get easier than this! So stick around and stick the kettle on, while we help you find your new favourite.

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