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Our story

GWGC was founded by Fi O'Brien and Casey Lalonde; Casey is from Upstate New York originally, and Fi is from Melbourne Australia, but they both met and became friends in their now hometown of Frome, Somerset.

Having both had different experiences of the coffee industry, Fi and Casey connected over their shared love of both coffee and the coffee world, but as they got to know each other more, they found that they both felt that there were many areas of the industry that needed improving- a big one for them both being equality.

Despite having had different journeys within the coffee, both Casey and Fi had felt that, as women, they had been a little pushed out of the industry that they had both so loved and given so much to.

Our process

As a business, we believe we have a responsibility to do good- we know that our wholesale and retail customers who support us want more, and we want to do them all proud.

We believe that both our customers and the producers we work with deserve more- and it is our goal to source and roast coffees from women whose stories ought to be told, appreciated and rewarded.

In terms of finding our coffees, we don’t rely on one single method- we work with like-minded, small-scale importers, producer-roaster platforms and directly with producers.

We work with those importers who offer transparency, traceability and who are fully committed to establishing long-term partnerships with producers.

We work with organisations and individuals who share our values, and our goals, who are with us, focusing on the bigger picture.

We know that it is so crucial that female coffee producers are provided access to the speciality coffee market, and where possible we help with this access through facilitating introductions to importers or other platforms.

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